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I found Laurren while during a search on a popular modeling website and I approached her about doing a test shoot.  She obliged and we set a date to get together.

We were originally going to meet at one of the local beaches, but the aftermath of Hurricane Irene forced us to take a different direction.  We decided to shoot in New Haven in and around Yale University.  Yale always has something unique to offer.  The architecture is very impressive.

Laurren and her escort met me on Chapel Street across from Yale.  We started off at s few spots in one of the courtyards and then we went to a few alleys along Chapel Street.  Our final sequence was done against a brick wall on one of the side streets.  Laurren was really impressed with the lighting effect that I used when she posed against the brick wall.

I look forward to working with Laurren again in the future.  Before she left we talked over plans for a follow-up session.

Here are a few images from our session.  Click on the images to enlarge or view them in a slideshow.

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One Response to "Laurren || Portrait Photographer"
  1. Laurren says:

    I enjoyed working with you.It was fun. You taught me about lighting and it definitly made a difference in the photos. Thank you for the experience and I cant wait to work with you again.
    Thanks Again!
    – Laurren

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