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Sometimes the best way to approach a shoot is to give the model a few details to work with and see how she can surprise you.  Although I feel like I am walking on a high wire without a net, when everything “clicks” the results are amazing.

I gave Damaris a few details and she put together her own concept of what she should look like.  She took great care in getting her hair and makeup to the point of perfection.

About half way through the shoot, I told Damaris that I wanted to try something new and asked her if she was up for an experiment. She obliged and we spent a few minutes looking through outfits to find the “right” one. We eventually agreed on an outfit and I setup for the new scene. As I was preparing, a few people started to gather out of curiosity to watch what was about to occur. By the time Damaris was ready with her outfit and makeup, there must have been at least a dozen people watching eagerly. We started to shoot and the kids in the group seemed to be the most interested. The adults kept saying that “she must be a famous model”. I just smiled and kept on shooting.

All in all, the experiment and the shoot were a success. Damaris is a very talented young lady and she definitely knows how to act in front of a camera!!

Here are a few images from our session.  Click on the images to enlarge or view them in a slideshow.

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