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Aliza’s mother found my Facebook page, saw my work and decided to hire me to create some images for Aliza’s modeling portfolio. After our initial conversation, it was clear that the perfect place to shoot would be at a beach. We decided on a location and set an appointment. Aliza didn’t need any makeup, but she chose to wear a little anyway!

I knew that I wanted a natural look for the images. I always try to use the sun’s position to my advantage in my images and this session was no exception. Aliza’s mother said that she and Aliza LOVED my sunset photos and wanted to create a similar look, but they didn’t want our images to look like my previous work. I assured them that every sunset is unique and that they should not worry. Our shoot was a great success!!

Here are a few images from our session.

PWP6074PWP5943 PWP5981

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